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Send Keys - Cannot send a hot key to start recording session

 I have a hotkey setup for OBS studio to start recording, it is Control+Alt+R.

How do I send this in Process Designer. I have tried following the guidance about send keys but I cannot for the life in me get it to work.

I am using Send Keys and end up with this: {Control}({Alt}({R}))

But it does nothing.

Please help! I also need to send Control+Alt+Shift+M too, if you could tell me how to do that. I even tried the Press/Release Key function, but to no avail.

Just to add to this. Even the Macro Recorder will not record my keystrokes. I thought that might help, but it doesn't even recognize my input. I am using a wireless keyboard.

You have the correct syntax {Control}({Alt}({R}))

Some things you can try ....

1)  Use Focus window action for window that accepts the Hot key, send keys only sends keys to window that has the focus.

2) if running from console window in winautomation, always issue a wait for the window to open of the before execution of send keys action.

3)  10 ms will be generally too fast for send keys action
      .....  Try 100 milliseconds or 130, or 250 and see if it works then

Try LControlKey (I think it is) instead of Control.

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Thanks Henrik, that worked. But it only works when OBS is open and focused, which is strange because in normal circumstances the hotkey works even when minimized to my task tray. Opening OBS is what I wanted to avoid in the first place.

Maybe you can use some command line parameters to launch, instead of the key shortcut?

1)  What happens if you, 1st send a Left mouse click to desktop (you can try send keys to screen position 0,0 ), to place desktop in focus and then send the ctrl+alt+R ?

2)  Or, maybe, If your system tray app, has option to start recording, you can automate clicking the record entry in its system tray popup menu (which can be done either the UI actions or move mouse image actions)

Right now winautomation/processrobot does not have that capability to send keyboard key to minimized window app.

The window app must be open and focused.

Only Autoit which have that capability using this window dll function.


public static extern int PostMessage(IntPtr hwnd, int msg, int character, int count);


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