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How to license WinAutomation for use in Academy course?

Hello All, 

I recently finished both the Foundation and the Navigation course for WinAutomation, and have started the Development and Management Advanced Course for WinAutomation.

I downloaded and installed WinAutomation on a Windows Server host, but how can I get the license so I can use the software?

It may be very challenging for me to pass the certification exam if I don't get a chance to use the software to practice. Earlier on in my journey using the Softomotive Academy, I was presented with the option of downloading WinAutomation. However, I've not yet encountered any instructions for properly licensing this application. At this time, almost all of the functions in the WinAutomation Console are disabled.




Hello Peter,


Thank you so much for your reply. I have attempted to follow the steps outlined in the article you directed me to, but unfortunately, I haven't succeeded in making it work. I did sign up for the Power Automate trial and selected the Per user plan with attended RPA. The WinAutomate Console buttons are still disabled - except for the Help and About buttons.


The Logs tab does display the following 2 messages, which is somewhat encouraging:

  • Console of user '<machine>\<user>' Registered
  • User Agent Instance of user '<machine>\<user>' Registered


Follow-up questions:

  1. The troubleshooting licensing issues section of the article reads: "To reset the license information stored by WinAutomation, you can delete the following file: %localappdata%\Softomotive\WinAutomation\msalcache.bin3". I could not find the file anywhere on the server. What could be the cause of this? There are no articles on the Support site that reference this file.
  2. Please note that Earlier in that section, it directs us to go to Power Automate > My flows > UI flows. What should I see in this page? Currently I see "You don't have any CDS subscription yet", which I'm guessing is not desirable.

If you or someone else on this forum could provide any additional pointers, I would appreciate it.  






PS. IMHO,the requirement of a Power Automate license simply for learning purposes is too burdensome. There should be an easier licensing option for those of us wishing to learn the product and get the diploma. 

Oh, and one more: perhaps there's a slightly older version of WinAutomate I could download that would be easier to license?


Hello Jose,

I suggest that you reinstall WinAutomation and during the installation select as license type the "Microsoft Power Automate" Option.

Then you can login with the Microsoft account that you used to get the Power Automate trial.

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