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New ProcessRobot build - Version 2020.1.1



Version:  2020.1.1

Corrections and Improvements

  • Azure AD User credentials can now be used in Autologin.
  • Corrected Permissions’ behavior regarding Triggers and Schedules.
  • Administrator Users who are also assigned other roles can now access Process Folders normally.
  • Executing a Process on Robots during logout no longer causes execution issues.
  • Password renewal after expiration now works as expected.
  • Improved behavior of “Remember Me” option during login.
  • Transactional Queues now properly handle Process errors.
  • Transactional Queues no longer refresh automatically.
  • The “Assigned To” Column in the Robots Tab now displays the correct information when a SoloBot is assigned to a Custom User.
  • Deleting the “Uncommitted Changes” version of a Process no longer causes further complications.
  • Process Version comparison no longer encounters errors in certain Actions.
  • “Get exported data from Ancora” Action now functions as expected.
  • “Extract Text with OCR” Action now releases the relevant file after completion.
  • Exception Handling for the “Wait for Window” and “Wait for Window Content” Actions now works as intended.
  • Emails containing attachments with no “Content-Disposition: attachment” header are now recognized.
  • Additional details added to “Exception” type Variables.
  • Issue with Schedulers in case of incorrect password is now fixed.
  • The “Connect to CaptureFast Account” Action now produces an error when incorrect credentials are used.
  • The “Authentication File” property in the “Create Azure Session” Action is no longer protected.
  • Added missing tooltip in the “Describe Amazon EBS Snapshots” Action.
  • “More Info” buttons in Amazon, Ancora, and Azure Actions now redirect to the appropriate Help File entries.
  • “Wait for Window” Action no longer increases RAM consumption.
  • Improved performance of “Close Window” Action.
  • The installation file which includes the SQL Express installation now works properly.
  • Large values are now accepted in the “User passwords expire after:” field in the Control Desk Settings.
  • VMware Horizon no longer negatively impacts ProcessRobot operations.
  • Windows ESU no longer interferes with ProcessRobot.
  • February 29 on leap years is now displayed correctly in the Schedules Tab.
  • Recurring Schedules now function properly when their assigned starting point is set to a past date and time.
  • Users from multiple Active Directory servers are now displayed correctly.
  • Improved performance of Process Studio.
  • Improved performance for Web Automation using Mozilla Firefox (new Web Extension version

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