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Control Desk

As discussed we would like to raise a request to add below features.

Instance Id should be reflected in Log table for Logs sending from Process: 

For the logs that are sent from process, the Instance_id is not getting reflected in the PR Logs table. When we use 'Update KPI' command in the process, the KPI's will be inserted in the kpi_entries table and in this table the instance_id is reflected for all the KPI entries. Similarly we would like to have the instance_id for the logs that are sent using 'Log Message' command. This will help us to exactly identify the logs that are generated in a single run. When we deploy a process in multiple Robots with queues we can easily identify the logs generated by each robot if we have the instance_id in the Logs table.

API to fetch logs from Control Desk:

For your reference we have an option called webhooks in UIPath which helps in setting unique ids and triggers for a particular Bot run. This is a straight forward feature for mirroring logs from Orchestrator to foreign application.

Sai Krishna.
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Hello Namburu, 

Thank you for your recommendation. We passed your request to our Product department so that it will be evaluated and prioritized accordingly.

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