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Is there a Dictionary Variable Type in Process Robot, for storing key value pairs from a Config Sheet

There is a requirement where the configurable variables need to be kept out in a config file later reading them during initialization  process of the Workflow. Is there any method that this can be achieved in Process Robot ? Reading from a .txt file and Regex parsing to store the values in a variable is not an option. Want to store the Key and Values in Excel sheet. 

Please let me know if there is a method to achieve this in Process Robot Actions.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the options given, right now handled the reading of Config Excel file using a list option , maintaining the variable names common in both the Config File and Process Robot. Using a switch case on the list option to assign the respective Key values from  the Excel Config File to the respective variables with the same name in the Process Robot. This is working out fine.




1. There is no option in processrobot or winautomation) to dynamically create variable names.

....  So, you will need to test the column in your excel for a specific key name and have a set variable action for each of them. (Or, if you use a list variable you will need add them in the same sequence which would not be worth the effort and harder to use) 

2. Since, the user will be setting configuration input create a ui form for the user to enter the config input data by either of the below:

A.  Create a process with UI Form with display custom msg action. Push process to then to execute via Sidebot, assuming user has sidebot on their desktop machine.

B. Use a UI form website like jotform which will send form data to your process via email, etc, if your company will allow external web site.

C. In Excel you can create Gui form that will populate the Excel and you can set it to hide the excel and just show user the gui form to fill out with config fields.

Will one of these options work for you ?

Was looking into more ease of use of the external config file for editing by the End User/Customer who may be a novice in editing the JSON text file or a regex text file, since a single error in editing may result in parsing errors in the files. They need to follow the formatting of the text file or JSON to avoid any error in editing which seems tedious. Have written a Process Workflow using Excel, by which able to get the Key and Value pairs with split at comma. But unable to  store it in Variables which will dynamically take in the name of the Key as Variable names.

As said by Supratman Widoyoko, with his example, json text file approach is easiest for external config file. Although Excel file could be used, it requires more coding, more work, than json text file or regex text file approach.

1. Save your configuration file as json string text file.

2. Read text from file.

3. Convert json string to custom object.

4. Finish

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