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Launch of New Chrome action - time outs

Idea was to mitigate error 'Failed to assume control of Chrome' with Launch New Chrome action by design


Idea was to separate 'Launch New Chrome', and Go To Web Page and waits




Launch New Chrome, load about:blank, wait


In case of exceptions, try Launch New Chrome by attaching to running Chrome


In case control of Chrome has been achieved


Go To Web Page with wait and retries






Windows 10 -> runs without exception 10/10


Windows Server 2016 -> has exceptions upon attaching to running Chrome


Windows Server 2016 -> runs without exception 10/10 (if you have one additional Chrome browser open (about:blank) beforehand)


(double launch or cmd launch Chrome browser to have one additional?)


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I seems it does not like about:blank in my machine  T_T


Hi Supratman,


You are right - it do fail occasionally. It was more meant as a draft for troubleshooting.


I have made another attempt where Chrome browsers are launched and tried assumed control over in 20 attempts.


The idea here is (for a server process) to launch until you get control over one browser and then rely on that logging out of the processing account (at the ende of the process) will end the other Chrome browsers gracefully


BR, :-)


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