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Combo box not updating on selection

Hi, I have an application with a combo box, I have programmed the bot using a 'Set DropDown List Value in Window' and have also tried by manually clicking the combo box and then manually clicking the correct list item within the drop down, however neither option works as once the selection has been made, I can see that the selection has changed, yet the data doesn't update.

I have also tried adding a send keys (Enter Button), but this doesn't work either.

Has anyone else encountered this / have any ideas how to get the app to refresh after a selection change?


same here!

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I'm also strugling with that. I managed do to it in Excel Save-as, since the PDF option is not present in the Excel-sa-action.

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Not a real solution, but after lots of trial and error, I have managed to get it to work, I click the combo, click the list item (to a hard coded value) i then focus on the combo and use a send keys with an arrow key up action. This selects the correct item from the list I am trying to get, fortunately I only need two out of the 8 options, and they are next to each other in the list, so can focus again later in the program and use an arrow down. I'm sure you could use a combination of ifs and variable to keep track of your combo movements to determine how many arrow ups/downs are required if you need it to select specific list items based on specific results. Hope that helps someone!?
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