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Excel - Clear all filters in a non-macro workbook

Hello auto community!

I have an Excel file that I download from a SharePoint site using winautomation and do some processing with columns.

However the document has multiple users and it often has filters applied which effects the data I can extract. The problem is, it is a none-macro Excel file so I can't trigger any VB code.

I know that a macro such as this can clear all filters, but I can't enable macros on the worksheet.


Sub RemoveAllFilters()
End Sub

Anyone got any good ideas as I'm stumped!

Thanks in advance,


Just to add a note I can record UI Automation Actions but it seems very unreliable (if someone hid a column it might break the automation).

Once I've cleared all filters I then need to add a filter on column M - sort oldest to newest and this doesn't seem to be recordable in the UI automation.

No worries, I added a different sheet where I calculate a max of the column data I need and just read that - it isn't effected by anyone filtering the main sheet.

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