Support Portal

for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

New WinAutomation build - Version 9.2.2


General New Features

  • Support National Cloud for Microsoft Authentication

Improvements and Corrections

  • Issue when "Clear Cache" and/or "Cookies" is checked in "Launch New Firefox" Action has been resolved.
  • "Attachment not found" exception in the "Send Exchange Email Message" Action now is properly handled.
  • "Move Window" Action now works properly with Maximized Internet Explorer after resizing.
  • Issue when Login/Logout of a Microsoft Account, while the WinAutomation Service has stopped, is now resolved.
  • Performance Counter Trigger now saves data correctly.
  • Inconsistencies with the Focus Window Action have been resolved.
  • Issue with the validation of the Shared Mailbox option in the Exchange Monitor Trigger has been resolved.
  • "More info" option for Amazon Actions now works properly.