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Filter few pages from PDF file


I want to filter the pages from Pdf file ( which has around 90 pages ) to get some specific pages using Regex / filter. 

But in Winautomation i'm not able to find such options to filter page specific and extract the data. Is there any activity through which this can be achieved ? 

I used OCR but it was not working as expceted. 

Also Is it possible to open pdf file and extract specific data instead of extracting the whole data from the pdf file? 



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Without having tested it, here is what I would try:

Use a simple loop to extract the pages individually and put them in a text list (add an item first, so the list lines up with the page numbers.

Loop through the text list and filter/regex the text to build a variable, which you can then put into the page selection input of an extract pages from PDF action.

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