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Write Text To File Error - Invalid directory specified ('Could not find a part of the path xxx')

I have a bot which fails (When running on a scheduler) on the action 'Write Text To File', I am getting the error message: "Invalid directory specified ('Could not find a part of the path my file path')"  Weirdly, it works fine if I manually trigger the bot myself!

More info on what I am actually doing:

I am using a text file to log any errors that occur during execution. The first action the robot takes is to check if the files exists / delete it if it does.

If errors do occur, the text file will be re-created and populated each time an error happens. Once the robot finishes its run or can go no further due to a more serious error, it checks if the text file exists, if it does, there must be errors, so an email is sent out with the text file attached. If it doesn't, the bot must have succeeded, so an email is sent out informing the user the process completed successfully.

Anyone had similar issues / suggestions on how to fix!?


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Would it be feasible for you to export bot to waj file and import the waj file here to view it? If not, then I suggest you open a support ticket with the waj attached.
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