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Option to keep decrypted text stared out / use Windows Credential Manager

In V9 we are able to encrypt a string of text and then decrypt it.

I use this by storing usernames and passwords encrypted in a text file, when I need to use them, I retrieve the text file contents and decrpyt them.

The only issue is, as a developer, I can then see the decrypted text (password) in the variable list window.

It would be good if we could have some way to keep these decrypted values starred out ******* so I can't see them. 

I would then be able to use other peoples credentials without actually seeing the users password. I understand there is CyberArk, but my understanding is you have to pay for this? / Not sure if the vault is stored in the cloud, which is something I can't use, everything has to be on-prem for my client.

Is there anyway you could integrate with the Windows Credential manager? Seen as you are now part of Microsoft?

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