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New ProcessRobot Version - 2020.2


General New Features:

  • ProcessRobot now supports Microsoft Edge for Web Automation.

New Actions:

  • Action "Launch New Edge browser" has been added.

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Processes that include sensitive data Actions now require an encryption password during export.

  • Web-related Actions have been enhanced with the option to accept untrusted certificates.

  • Password retrieval no longer supports the "via command line" option for Autologin and Email and Exchange Monitor Triggers.

  • Issue with remote control to Solobots on machines that do not belong to the Active Directory has been resolved.

  • Issue with the "Find" button in Control Desk when a Process is in Review or Production has been resolved.

  • Processes now start properly when switching networks.

  • Schedules used to show the next scheduled run as "N/A" for February 29 on a leap year.

  • Issue with "Close Window" Action that could not find Window has been resolved.

  • "Attachment not found" exception in the "Send Exchange Email Message" Action now is properly handled.

  • License Utilization used to display information for invalidated license files.

  • Issue with Process migration from WinAutomation to ProcessRobot has been fixed.

  • Saving a Process as in the Process Designer now works properly.

  • Resetting a Custom User's password after it has expired now works properly.

  • A message to reset custom User's expired password now appears when logging into the Dashboard Designer and the Dashboard Viewer.

  • Queued Processes used to terminate when updating Solobot's Properties.

  • "Move Window" Action now works properly with Maximized Internet Explorer after resizing.

  • Inconsistencies with the Focus Window Action have been resolved.

  • Variables of Null Value type used to affect the external variables of a Process.

  • Issue when "Clear Cache" and/or "Cookies" is checked in "Launch New Firefox" Action has been resolved.

  • Issue when stopping a Process containing Active Directory or Ancora Actions has been resolved.

  • Non-admin Users now can run Processes from the Web Console.

  • Issue with some Logs being neglected in the Audit tab of a non-admin Control Desk has now been resolved.

  • Logging in multiple Sidebots on the same machine with custom authentication now works properly.

  • Existing Micro Focus session profiles now can be used by multiple users at the same time.

  • The authentication issue when TLS 1.0 is disabled has now been resolved.

  • Java controls now work properly when Java is installed in German.

  • The issue with the Run Application Action when the Region Format is set to Turkish has been resolved.

  • Fixed issue with DPI for SAP.

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