All versions of WinAutomation under all versions of Windows / Internet Explorer.


Even though the exe job runs fine in the machine it was created on, when transfered over to another machine the exact same exe job fails because the targeted website displays a message about “Upgrading Internet Explorer” or “Upgrading the Browser” or something to that effect.


The culprit is that the Runtime Web Helper runs, by default, as if it’s IE6 unless certain registry tweaks are present in the Windows’ registry. These tweaks are performed silently by the WinAutomation installer upon installing our product. However, when distributing exe jobs that use the Runtime Web Helper it goes without saying that the host machines might never have had WinAutomation 5.x installed thus lacking said registry tweaks.

Solutions / Workarounds

  1. Install WinAutomation in the targeted machines (trial mode will do – no need to install a full fledged license). You may even uninstall WinAutomation right afterwards. The needed registry tweaks will be left in place, so no need to worry.
  2. If installing WinAutomation is not an option then the only alternative is to use the normal Internet Explorer over the Runtime Web Helper. Please note that f or the actual IE to work reliably with the Web Automation Actions, one needs to change its security options:                                                                

    Open the Internet Options dialog in Internet Explorer and click on the "Security" tab:


    Select the "Internet" zone and UNCHECK the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:


    Select the "Local intranet" zone and UNCHECK the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:


    Select the "Trusted Sites" zone and UNCHECK the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox:

    Finally click the OK button and restart Internet Explorer. You will now be able to control Internet Explorer through WinAutomation for automating all kinds of web sites and web applications.