AutoLogin requirements



In  order for WinAutomation’s ‘AutoLogin’ feature to work properly, there are some  predetermined settings that need to be in place, as follows:


· The password of the user that is currently logged on  to the machine with, under whose account the robots are supposed to auto-login,  needs to be provided in the WinAutomation Console, under “Options >  Authentication > Login Password”.








· In the Console’s Options tab, the option “Start  Service Automatically on System Startup” needs to be checked under the General  tab.





· The properties of the robot under the ‘Run Policy’ tab  should look like the screenshot below. To access the robot’s properties, the  user should right click on it and select the relevant option.




In case the machine on  which the AutoLogin feature is attempted is a server machine, no other user  should be connected at the time the robot starts, although when other users are  indeed logged in, then WinAutomation takes into account the following option.





· In case the CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard combination is  normally required to log in, it should be disabled from the ‘Local Group Policy  Editor’. The relative window can be opened by typing ‘gpedit.msc’ and making  the following option ENABLED.









· In the same window as above (Local Group Policy  Editor), the user or the user’s groups should be added into the ‘Allow log on  locally policy.