The Dashboards are the only components that communicate directly not only with the ProcessRobot Server, but also with the SQL Server.

The machines on which the Dashboards are installed, should be able to communicate with the machine of the SQL Server.

The following steps should be followed in order to achieve the above:

  • An Inbound Rule on the firewall of the SQL Server machine has to be created, so as to be able to accept requests from the Dashboard machine.
  • The TCP/IP protocol for SQLEXPRESS in the SQL Server Network Configuration (C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and run SQLServerManager13.msc) should be set to "Enabled". 

How to create the Firewall Rule

We need to identify at which port does you sqlserver.exe accepts requests:

  • Open Task Manager on the machine that runs your SQL Server, navigate to "Performance" and open the "Resource Monitor".

  • Then locate the local port that the sqlservr.exe receives requests from.
  • Navigate to the SQL Server machine's firewall configuration and create an inbound rule that allows this particular port.