Trial Installation Requirements

Below you can find the minimum hardware and software requirements for a ProcessRobot trial installation. 

**Note that since a trial installation is usually needed for demo purposes or in a proof of concept phase, you can easily forego or trade some of the live installation requirements in order to have the environment work in readily available hardware.

Minimum Installation Requirements
A minimum installation can be setup and work in one physical machine, with at least 8GB of RAM (however more is recommended), which will have separate Virtual Machines (VMs) installed, as follows:
1.An active directory server with MS SQL Express 2016, SQL Server Management Studio, ProcessRobot, Control Desk, Process Studio, Dashboard Designer, Dashboard Viewer, and SideBot: 5GB of Ram and 40GB of Hard Disk Space (including windows installation)
2.A VM with Windows 7,8 or 10 in which SoloBot will run: 3GB of Ram and 30GB of hard disk space (including windows installation)

Recommended Installation Requirements
As described above, ProcessRobot can work in one physical machine if absolutely required, however this environment will provide only minimum functionality. The recommended trial installation hardware configuration, is the following:
1.An Active Directory Server (2008, 2012 R2 or 2016): 6 GB Ram, 35 H.D Space
2.A VM with SQL Server Express 2016, SQL Server Management Studio, ProcessRobot Server, Control Desk, Process Studio, Dashboard Viewer and Dashboard Designer: 6GB Ram, 30GB H.D Space
3.A VM with windows 7,8 or 10 with SideBot: 4 GB Ram, 30GB H.D space
4.A VM with Windows 7, 8 or 10 with SoloBot: 4 GB Ram, 30GB H.D space

Live Installation Requirements

In a production installation, hardware requirements are higher, as ProcessRobot will have to deal with a larger amount of robots and processes, handling real data.

* In case the process you are automating requires some resources itself, they would need to be added on top to the aforementioned. The above do not include the requirements for the Operating System. A minimum of 1,8Ghz core is required in all cases.
** Please refer to the Redis Documentation on the following link:
*** Please note, that the disk space required, may increase in case there is large amount of processes, robots and logs produced.

Important Notes

  • Microsoft .Net Framework v4.0 or later should be installed.
  • The minimum hardware requirements for the Robots module (Sidebot/Solobot) depend on the processes that they’ll execute. As a general rule, if a HW/SW configuration is enough for a human employee to perform the same process(es) with ease, ProcessRobot will be able to run the automated version of this process(es) with no problems.
  • Check the component Types, Multiple Instances and Dependencies below: