Shortcut KeyActionDescription
Ctrl+ASelect AllNone
Ctrl+BBoldFormat, Cells, Font, Font Style, Bold
Ctrl+CCopyEdit, Copy
Ctrl+DFill DownEdit, Fill, Down
Ctrl+FFindEdit, Find
Ctrl+GGotoEdit, Goto
Ctrl+HReplaceEdit, Replace
Ctrl+IItalicFormat, Cells, Font, Font Style, Italic
Ctrl+KInsert HyperlinkInsert, Hyperlink
Ctrl+NNew WorkbookFile, New
Ctrl+OOpenFile, Open
Ctrl+PPrintFile, Print
Ctrl+RFill RightEdit, Fill Right
Ctrl+SSaveFile, Save
Ctrl+UUnderlineFormat, Cells, Font, Underline, Single
Ctrl+VPasteEdit, Paste
Ctrl WCloseFile, Close
Ctrl+XCutEdit, Cut
Ctrl+YRepeatEdit, Repeat
Ctrl+ZUndoEdit, Undo
F1HelpHelp, Contents and Index
F3Paste NameInsert, Name, Paste
F4Repeat last actionEdit, Repeat. Works while not in Edit mode.
F4While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refsNone
F5GotoEdit, Goto
F6Next PaneNone
F7Spell checkTools, Spelling
F8Extend modeNone
F9Recalculate all workbooksTools, Options, Calculation, Calc,Now
F10Activate MenubarN/A
F11New ChartInsert, Chart
F12Save AsFile, Save As
Ctrl+:Insert Current TimeNone
Ctrl+;Insert Current DateNone
Ctrl+"Copy Value from Cell AboveEdit, Paste Special, Value
Ctrl+’Copy Fromula from Cell AboveEdit, Copy
ShiftHold down shift for additional functions in Excel’s menunone
Shift+F1What’s This?Help, What’s This?
Shift+F2Edit cell commentInsert, Edit Comments
Shift+F3Paste function into formulaInsert, Function
Shift+F4Find NextEdit, Find, Find Next
Shift+F5FindEdit, Find, Find Next
Shift+F6Previous PaneNone
Shift+F8Add to selectionNone
Shift+F9Calculate active worksheetCalc Sheet
Shift+F10Display shortcut menuNone
Shift+F11New worksheetInsert, Worksheet
Shift+F12SaveFile, Save
Ctrl+F3Define nameInsert, Names, Define
Ctrl+F4CloseFile, Close
Ctrl+F5XL, Restore window sizeRestore
Ctrl+F6Next workbook windowWindow, ...
Shift+Ctrl+F6Previous workbook windowWindow, ...
Ctrl+F7Move windowXL, Move
Ctrl+F8Resize windowXL, Size
Ctrl+F9Minimize workbookXL, Minimize
Ctrl+F10Maximize or restore windowXL, Maximize
Ctrl+F11Inset 4.0 Macro sheetNone in Excel 97. In versions prior to 97 - Insert, Macro, 4.0 Macro
Ctrl+F12File OpenFile, Open
Alt+F1Insert ChartInsert, Chart...
Alt+F2Save AsFile, Save As
Alt+F4ExitFile, Exit
Alt+F8Macro dialog boxTools, Macro, Macros in Excel 97 Tools,Macros - in earlier versions
Alt+F11Visual Basic EditorTools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F3Create name by using names of row and column labelsInsert, Name, Create
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous WindowWindow, ...
Ctrl+Shift+F12PrintFile, Print
Alt+Shift+F1New worksheetInsert, Worksheet
Alt+Shift+F2SaveFile, Save
Alt+=AutoSumNo direct equivalent
Ctrl+`Toggle Value/Formula displayTools, Options, View, Formulas
Ctrl+Shift+AInsert argument names into formulaNo direct equivalent
Alt+Down arrowDisplay AutoComplete listNone
Alt+’Format Style dialog boxFormat, Style
Ctrl+Shift+~General formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, General
Ctrl+Shift+!Comma formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, Number
Ctrl+Shift+@Time formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, Time
Ctrl+Shift+#Date formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, Date
Ctrl+Shift+$Currency formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, Currency
Ctrl+Shift+%Percent formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category, Percentage
Ctrl+Shift+^Exponential formatFormat, Cells, Number, Category,
Ctrl+Shift+&Place outline border around selected cellsFormat, Cells, Border
Ctrl+Shift+_Remove outline borderFormat, Cells, Border
Ctrl+Shift+*Select current regionEdit, Goto, Special, Current Region
Ctrl++InsertInsert, (Rows, Columns, or Cells) Depends on selection
Ctrl+-DeleteDelete, (Rows, Columns, or Cells) Depends on selection
Ctrl+1Format cells dialog boxFormat, Cells
Ctrl+2BoldFormat, Cells, Font, Font Style, Bold
Ctrl+3ItalicFormat, Cells, Font, Font Style, Italic
Ctrl+4UnderlineFormat, Cells, Font, Font Style, Underline
Ctrl+5StrikethroughFormat, Cells, Font, Effects, Strikethrough
Ctrl+6Show/Hide objectsTools, Options, View, Objects, Show All/Hide
Ctrl+7Show/Hide Standard toolbarView, Toolbars, Stardard
Ctrl+8Toggle Outline symbolsNone
Ctrl+9Hide rowsFormat, Row, Hide
Ctrl+0Hide columnsFormat, Column, Hide
Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide rowsFormat, Row, Unhide
Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide columnsFormat, Column, Unhide
Alt or F10Activate the menuNone
Ctrl+TabIn toolbar: next toolbarNone
Shift+Ctrl+TabIn toolbar: previous toolbarNone
Ctrl+TabIn a workbook: activate next workbookNone
Shift+Ctrl+TabIn a workbook: activate previous workbookNone
TabNext toolNone
Shift+TabPrevious toolNone
EnterDo the commandNone
Shift+Ctrl+FFont Drop Down ListFormat, Cells, Font
Shift+Ctrl+F+FFont tab of Format Cell Dialog boxFormat, Cells, Font
Shift+Ctrl+PPoint size Drop Down ListFormat, Cells, Font

You can find attached some additional Excel shortcuts.