Now that we have installed the ProcessRobot server we are ready to setup the Control Desk. 

The Control Desk is the component responsible for anything from the user and roles management to the creation, deployment and control of the Robots.

1. Run the ProcessRobot Installer to begin the installation

2. Read carefully the license agreement


3. Select the components you wish to install. You can either install everything on the same or different machines

4. Select the Web Browser Extensions you wish to install and click “Next”. (You may also install the extensions at a later point from the System tray on your machine)

5. Select if you wish to add Shortcuts of the components on your Desktop

6. Enter the ProcessRobot Server information. You can enter either it’s Host Name, FDQN, or IP address. (step 4.2)

7. Choose the installation destination

8. Select the Program folder name and press next

9. Press next to begin the installation

10. If you have a license you can install it by opening the Control Desk and going to “Settings” -> “License” -> “Install License File” like so: