After adding the client machines to the domain and making sure they can ping each other we are ready to install the SideBots and the SoloBots. 

A SideBot is the part of the ProcessRobot which can execute actions alongside with a user while the SoloBot runs, executes processes alone.

The installation process is pretty straight forward. We just run the ProcessRobotSetup executable:

1. Run the ProcessRobot installer to begin the installation

2. Read carefully the license agreement

3. Select either the SideBot or the SoloBot installation

    *Note: You cannot have both SideBot and SoloBot installed at the same machine at the same time.

4. Select the Web Browser Extensions you wish to install and click “Next”. (You may also install the extensions at a later point from the System tray on your machine)

5. Select if you wish to add Shortcuts of the components, on your Desktop

6. Enter the ProcessRobot Server information. You can enter either it’s FDQN, or IP address

7. Choose the installation destination

8. Select the Program folder name and press next

9. Press next to begin the installation