The Web Console is a web version of the Control Desk. 

Note: Its installation is optional.


- If the machine is a Windows Server, then in the “Windows Features” window, go to “Add Roles and Features Wizard” -> ”Features" and enable the options below: 

- If the machine is a Windows Client then at open the “Turn Windows Features on or off” window and enable the features shown below:  

1. Run the ProcessRobot WebConsole Installer to begin the installation

2. Read carefully the license agreement

3. Enter the ProcessRobot Server information. You can enter either it’s Host Name, FDQN, or IP address

4. Choose the installation destination

5. Select the IIS Website

6. Press next to begin the installation

7. If you have purchased the Web Console Module you will need to assign access rights to users. You can do so by going to “Settings”  “License”  “Manage Web Console Users” like so:

8. Add the users that will have access to Web Console  

How to access the Web Console

In order to access the Web Console from the machine it is installed on, type "localhost" in a web browser's address bar and hit "Enter".

Alternatively, if you are trying to access the Web Console from another machine, then type the host's local IPv4 address.