Now that we have upgraded the ProcessRobot server we are ready to move on to the Client Tools.

For every machine that is hosting a Control Desk, Process Studio, Dashboard Designer or Viewer, Sidebot or Solobot, you would have to go through the upgrading process.

Remember which components are installed already on the machine, so that you can select to upgrade them during the upgrading process.

1. Run as administrator the “ProcessRobotSetup-201x.x.xxxx.exe” Installer to begin the installation.

2. Depending on the operation that you with so perform, you can choose to Re-Install the Clients Tools or Uninstall them.

3. Select the Re-Install option and click Next.

4. Read carefully the license agreement. After you accept it, please, click Next.

5. Select all the components that you wish to upgrade on the machine.

6. Select the Web Browser Extensions you wish to install and click “Next”. (You may also install the extensions at a later point from the System tray on your machine)

7. Select if you wish to add Shortcuts of the components, on your Desktop.

8. Enter the ProcessRobot Server information. You can enter either it’s Host Name, FDQN, or IP address of the machine that is hosting the ProcessRobot Server.

9. Select the Destination Folder or the ProcessRobot Clients to be upgraded.

10. Select the Program folder name and press next.

11. Press next to begin the installation.

12. Once the upgrading process is completed you will see that a Softomotive Extension has been added in your Google Chrome and in your Mozilla Firefox.