Upgrading your WinAutomation is done through the User Area, the portal where you can view and manage your existing licenses.

Users with WinAutomation version 7 and SAP

Users who already have version 7 and SAP, will get a free upgrade to version 8. Specifically, users with SAP will automatically see their SAPed versions 7 becoming v8, with a link to download version 8, right below.

                                                                                                                    Figure 1 Steps to upgrade WinAutomation license with SAP

Users with no SAP, from version 7 or any previous version

Users who have a regular WinAutomation license (no SAP extension), will need to manually upgrade their license.

The steps needed are outlined below:

  1. Select the version you wish to upgrade, by selecting the corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click on the upgrade option found at the end of the list of licenses (end of the page).
  3. Follow and complete the purchase process.

                                                                                            Figure 2 Steps to upgrade existing WinAutomation license, with no extension