The Connection String that ProcessRobot uses to connect to the SQL Server Database, can be found in C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Server.

The Connection String holds information regarding the DB User, the DB User's Password, the Database name and the SQL Server instance.

If any of the above changes, then we would need to update the Connection String.

From ProcessRobot 2018 onward, the Connection String is encrypted. Hence, in order to modify and re-encrypt the Connection String, follow the below steps:

  1. Close any open ProcessRobot module.
  2. Navigate to the "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Server" directory.
  3. Keep a backup of the existing "AppConnectionString.config" file, somewhere safe.
  4. Delete the file from the "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Server" directory.
  5. Update the attached "AppConnectionString_Sample.config" accordingly. Do not forget to rename it to "AppConnectionString.config"
  6. Paste it within the "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Server" directory.
  7. Launch "services.msc" and restart the "ProcessRobot Server" Service.
  8. The "AppConnectionString.config" will be re-encrypted once the ProcessRobot Server Service has been successfully restarted.

Note that if the Service cannot be restarted successfully, then there should be an error within the new connection string.