The images which are stored into the Images Repository are affected by the source machine's Screen Resolution and DPI.

In order to run a Process that contains Image Recognition Actions on a target machine with different Screen Resolution and/or DPI, the following steps should be followed

  • Run once the "Get Screen Resolution" action on the source machine, to find out what is the resolution of each screen of the source machine.
  • Use the "Set Screen Resolution" action (before using the Image Recognition Actions) to modify the resolution accordingly, so that it matches the source machine's.
    *Note: The "Available Resolutions" button should be used from the Properties window of the Action.
  • Optionally, in order to roll back to the original resolution on the target machine, at the end of the Process, implement an additional "Set Screen Resolution" Action. (A "Get Screen Resolution" Action can be added at the beginning of the code to get the resolution of the target machine.)