In cases where a Process has to run on multiple machines and it contains screen resolution-dependent Actions, it is crucial that the resolution is the same as in the initial screen.

It is best to include the below actions at the start of our main Process just to be sure that the resolution will be immediately adjusted.

  1. First we set 4 variables: MyMonitorWidth, MyMonitorHeight, MyMonitorBitCount, MyMonitorFrequency and input our screen's specs (we can get them with a "Get Screen Resolution Action")
  2. After that we use the action "Get screen Resolution" which will return 4 vars: MonitorWidth, MonitorHeight, MonitorBitCount, MonitorFrequency
  3. We create an "if" conditional to check if those variables are the same as the ones we set, and if they aren't, we use "Set Screen Resolution"  to input our specs.

That way, every machine will have the same screen resolution.