Softomotive offers a Diploma on ProcessRobot to certified partners, clients and developers as a credential to professionals with the necessary expertise to utilize ProcessRobot.

Note that one could take the Examination:

  1. After attending a Softomotive Training (on-premises or online) or

  2. Without Training, if they feel that their knowledge on ProcessRobot is sufficient in order to answer the Examination questions correctly.

The Examination includes 100 questions in total, that must be answered within 100 minutes, in the following categories:

  • General
  • Process Studio
  • Control Desk
  • Robots (Sidebots and Solobots)
  • Dashboards

The questions are True-False, Matching and Multiple Choice with single or multiple correct answers.

The pass mark is 70% and the examinee has 3 attempts in total to pass the examination and receive the Diploma.

Keep in mind that the examination cannot be stopped and resumed at a later point; It will have to be completed in one sitting.

Visit Softomotive Academy for more information.