Iframes can be handled with one of the following ways:

1. Web Automation

In case the iframe is in the same domain with the original page, then the Web Automation Actions will be able to handle it normally.

By adding the control of the element within the iframe into the Controls Repository, you can interact with it using the Web Automation Actions.

2. UI Automation

In case Option 1 does not work, click on "Add Control" (Controls Repository) and then the Escape button. In this way, the UISpy window will appear.

Find out the Browser Window and expand the nodes until you find the element of interest.

Add the Control of the UI element into the Controls Repository.

Use the "UI/Windows" Actions to handle the element.

3. Navigate to the domain of the iframe (for cross-domain iframes)

In case the iframe is cross-domain, there should be an "src" (source) attribute in the <iframe> element.

Use the "Get Details on Element on Web Page" Action in order to get that information.

Use the "Go to Web Page" Action to navigate to that source (or the "Create New Tab" to open the web page to another tab) 

Use the "Web Automation" Actions to interact with the iframe.