When a Process crashes, the Warning message "Auto-cleanup of Processes with no lifesigns" might appear in the Audit/Logs.

Erroneously, this gives the impression to the User that this is the reason why the Process crashed. However, it is the result and not the cause. What actually happens is the following:

During the Process' execution, there is a connection between the Process and the User Agent (Robot) that is checked every 5 seconds via a 'heartbeat', in order to confirm that the respective Process is still running. If the Process stops unexpectedly (for instance it is killed via the task manager or by another application), then this process does not send any 'lifesigns' anymore to the User Agent, and this results in the User Agent auto-cleaning up such Process instances that are not functional anymore. After three unsuccessful attempts to connect, the User Agent cleans up the Process (after 15 seconds in total).

Hence, this Auto-cleanup warning message is the result of the Process crashing, rather than its cause. In cases like this, there is usually another Error message in the Logs, stating that the Process crashed, followed by the Warning message explained above.

Auto-cleanup is nothing but cleanup of the particular Process/Robot usually performed to keep the software stable and healthy.

Relative Errors

Auto Cleanup of Processes with no lifesigns
This error occurs upon running a Process, in case of a Process crash / if a process is idle for a considerable period of time / in case of a system crash.

Auto Cleanup of Agents/Robots with no lifesigns

This error occurs in case the Server lost communication with the Agents/Robots, maybe because of a system crash.


In order to start troubleshooting, in case you are not sure why this Process/Robot crashed, open the Windows Event Viewer and inspect the Application logs. Search for an Error log at a date and time close to the one that you got the Error.

Most common causes:

  • Network connectivity. In case the Robot and the Server are on separate machines, then the recommended connection between them is 1GBit.
  • The machine was shut down / went to hibernate mode / went to sleep mode during the Process execution.
  • The ProcessRobot Solobot service stopped running.
  • The ProcessRobot.MachineAgent.exe process crashed.

Note: The above issue gets resolved automatically, once the Server regains contact with the Processes/Robots.