Master Key

What is the Master Key?

ProcessRobot uses a Master key which can be set in the Control Desk > General.
This key is used to encrypt 

  • all the provided user passwords required for Solobots to autologin
  • the hidden values in the Credentials Manager
  • any password within an Action’s properties

Encryption Protocols

What Encryption Protocols are being used?

Data at rest

    On the platform level, there is an AES-256 bit for data encryption at rest.

Data in motion

    TLS 1.2 with AES-256 for data in motion.


How does the ProcessRobot Server communicate with the Robots?
Communication between the ProcessRobot Server and the Robots (SideBots and SoloBots) is secured through .Net Framework WCF TCPBinding.

Role-based access control

What are the User Roles?
Role-based access control and user permissions based on custom roles, allows configuration of granular permissions and access control throughout the platform.
For example, you can have Users of a specific role not having access to certain component parts.
Object-level access, such as security on Processes folders for limited access is also enabled and can be configured for additional security and control.

Secure Screen

How can we execute a Process in Secure Mode?

During the execution of a Process the screen turns blue and the user has no visibility into the task executed. Process Properties > Use Secure Screen.

Override Credentials

How can we run a Process as an alternative user?

An administrator (who has elevated privileges) can initiate the process using the credentials set in the Process Properties > “Credentials” tab.

Credential Manager

What is the Credential Manager?
For sensitive data manipulation and use, during Development, ProcessRobot offers the Credentials Manager.
Passwords and usernames can be stored encrypted on the SQL Database.
Alternatively, credentials can be derived via the active directory or via command line. The passwords can be retrieved securely in order to be used in Process development.

Integration with Active Directory

What are the benefits of the Active Directory integration?

Single Sign On and Kerberos Authentication is supported by the direct Active Directory integration with ProcessRobot.