After installing ProcessRobot, follow the steps below to complete the initial configuration of the software. 

Note that not all the steps mentioned below are necessary. It depends on your needs.

Step 1 - Install the license file

Go to Control Desk > Settings > License and install your license file.

Step 2 - Set the Master Key

This Master Key is used to encrypt all the provided user passwords required for the Autologin feature to work on Solobots, as well as the hidden values for the credentials. It is up to the administrator of the ProcessRobot to Set or Change it. Note that the Master Key can only be reset if the user knows the old one.

Go to Control Desk > Settings > General and define a Master Key

Step 3 - Create Roles

Go to Control Desk > Settings > Roles and create custom roles to assign to the ProcessRobot users later on.

Step 4 - Add Users and Assign Roles

Go to Control Desk > Settings > Users and add new users from the Active Directory to ProcessRobot. Assign Roles to the users.

Step 5 - Connect Robots to the Control Desk

Go to Control Desk > Settings > Robots and connect your SideBots and/or SoloBots to the Control Desk.

    Step 5.1 - Assign the SideBots to users

    Step 5.2 - Assign the SoloBots to machines

    Step 5.3 - Define the Auto Login settings of the SoloBots

Step 6 - Add Web Console Users

Go to Control Desk > Settings > License and add the users that will be able to access the Web Console.