WinAutomation Processes are stored collectively in one database file (Processes.dat), which by default is stored in a specific location. This location is:

"C:\Users\...your username goes here...\Documents\WinAutomation\Processes.dat"

In order to manage the database, go to "WinAutomation Console > Options > Settings > Processes File". You are also free to change the file path at anytime if you want to work between more than one databases at different times.

Important NoteWhenever your perform a WinAutomation upgrade or downgrade, a backup of your database is being created automatically at 

"C:\Users\...your username goes here...\Documents\WinAutomation\Backup"

In order to use the backed up database

1. Remove the ".backup" suffix.

2. Rename the file to Processes.dat and save it into "C:\Users\...your username goes here...\Documents\WinAutomation"

*Once a Process has been deleted from Processes.dat, it cannot be recovered.