The execution speed of a Web Automation could be a bit slower than other kinds of automations.

This is happening due to the fact that the web related Actions search for the web element using CSS selectors.

When we get the  Control of an element, WinAutomation by default, just to be on the safe side, creates 2 CSS selectors.

If the first selector fails, the Action uses the second in order to locate the element. We have the option to manually implement multiple selectors within the control or keep just one.

Depending on several factors, WinAutomation could take some time to find the element. This can take more than a second, depending on the size of the html, the complexity of the selector and/or the page.

Also, keep in mind that each Web Automation Action is executing a query within the webpage while trying to locate the element.

Performing multiple Actions within a browser, can lead to a big memory load for the browser, which could affect further the resolution of the next queries.

Hence, in case a loop is being used and several Actions are being performed on a single browser, it is suggested that every some iterations you close and reopen the browser in order to free that memory and keep the speed of the web Actions at the best level.

This practice is sometimes a requirement, especially when the big memory load results to a browser crash.