In WinAutomation there is the option to create a weekly scheduler. However...

follow the method described below, in order to create a biweekly scheduler - a scheduler that fires every two (2) weeks:

Step 1

Create a weekly scheduler for your Process, from the Scheduling options of WinAutomation.

Step 2

At the beginning of your Process, create a New Function and enter the following condition:

        If %TriggerName% <> Schedule Trigger
                Exit Function
        End If


  • The above condition will check if the Process starts with a "Schedule Trigger" or not (it could also start manually, or with another kind of trigger). In this way, you will be be able to run the Process in other ways, without affecting the "biweekly scheduler" functionality. *If you have multiple "Schedule Triggers" for the same Process, you can add more checks (using time, day of month, day of week etc)
  • %TriggerName% is a predefined WinAutomation variable that does not need to be initiated.
  • "Schedule Trigger" is the predefined name of a scheduler.

Step 3

Within the Process Designer, go to Tools > Variables Manager > Add New Variable.

    1. Create the variable %Weekly_Count% and set the "Initial Value" to 

            0 – If you do not want it to run the first week.
            1 – If you want to run the first week.

    2. Check the checkbox "Variable is Persistent"

Step 4

In the "Main Function", begin with the "Increase Variable" Action in order to increase the %Weekly_Count% by 1.

Go on with the following condition:

        If %Weekly_Count% = 1
            Stop Process
            Set %Weekly_Count% = 0

        End If

Step 5

Build your Process...