Web Browser Instance type variables point to a specific web page located in a specific tab on a Browser window. In case you develop a Process that clicks on a link which opens a new tab and you want the Process to continue automating inside the new tab, you need to apply some additional configuration, so as to point to the correct Browser Instance. 

  • The easiest approach would be to use the embedded Automation Browser, as long as WinAutomation Runtime Browser does not support tabs or opening links in windows, but it automatically opens the link it in the same window/instance.

            In case you need to navigate back to the previous page, you could make use of the "Go To Web Page" Action, so as to navigate back.

  • When using the actual Internet Explorer to automate your tasks, a solution would be to grab the URL behind that link by using the "Get Details of Element on Web Page" Action and then, use the "Go to Web Page" Action so as to navigate to the extracted URL using the same Web Browser Instance. If the link is in Javascript, there is still the possibility to grab the Javascript Function and run it as a URL in the "Go to Web Page" Action. In this case, you should enter javascript: and then the function to run.

Another approach would be to click on the link and then use the "Launch New Internet Explorer" Action and select the "Attach to Running Internet Explorer" operation, so as to attach your Process to the newly created tab.

  • In case you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can also follow the same approach with the actual Internet explorer. In addition, since the aforementioned Browsers also support the "Create New Tab" Action, you could make use of that Action as well. Grab the URL behind the link and use the "Create New Tab" Action, in order to create a new Browser Instance for the newly created tab.