The Softomotive Automation web extension currently only works with a single Chrome profile. 

When using Web Automation, or the Web Recorder with Chrome, the Softomotive Automation extension should only be installed on the Chrome user profile which is intended for use with web automation actions. 

If the extension is installed on multiple profiles, the Web Automation and Web Recorder will only work on the first profile the extension was installed onto.

If you have multiple Chrome profiles with the Softomotive Automation extension installed, remove the extension from all other profiles.  Also note, once removed, if the targeted profile you intend to automate web actions with was not the first instance of the web extension installation, you may have to disable, then re-enable the extension to be able to identify web elements and automate your Chrome instance.

It is also best practice to ensure your Chrome browser is updated to the latest version for best results with Web Automation actions.