All installations of Sidebots and Solobots should match the version of your ProcessRobot Server.

Machines that are connected to your ProcessRobot Server with mismatched versions will produce a warning 'Event ID 2004' - 'Sidebot/Solobot cannot be registered due to version mismatch with the server'.  In order to resolve the warning, you will have to access the affected machine(s) and install the matching version of ProcessRobot Sidebot/Solobot.

If you are experiencing this warning in the Audit of the Control Desk, you will not be able to resolve it by disabling the respective Sidebot(s), or Solobot(s) through 'Settings>Robots'. You should upgrade the Robots.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to upgrade the affected Sidebot,(s) or Solobot(s) for whatever reasons, you can suppress the warning by logging onto the machine(s) producing this warning and follow the instructions below:

- Sidebots

The "ProcessRobot.UserAgent.exe" (which is actually the Sidebot) starts at the startup of the machine. So, go to the "Startup" tab of the Task Manager and set the Sidebot's status to "Disabled".

- Solobots

Open services.msc, find the 'ProcessRobot SoloBot Service' and stop the service. Right click to open the properties window and set 'Startup type: > Disabled > Apply'.