Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does a lousy job at managing its internal memory and when you work with it for long (as it happens in an automation scenario) it claims more and more memory (you can check this by opening the Task Manager and watch the memory used by Internet Explorer). Hence, it consumes a high amount of memory and this could affect the speed of the automation and even crash the browser.

The solution to this (as we cannot -obviously- fix IE) is to have WinAutomation close and restart the IE instance every few iterations (“Close Web Browser” and then “Launch New Internet Explorer” Actions) in order to free that memory and keep the speed of the web Actions at the best level.

You could use a variable as an index, increase it in the loop by 1, and if the variables goes to 10 or 15 close the browser, open it again where left off, set the index to 0 again and move on.