SQL queries can be executed to Microsoft Excel. Check this article for more information.

However, the delete query is not supported in Excel. The reason for that is because in a relational database, "row" has no meaning or existence apart from "record"; in an Excel worksheet, this is not  true. You can delete values in fields (cells). 

One workaround is to use the update query to set the rows as null, then use the select query to retrieve all not null rows

For example, lets say we have the following excel file:

and we want to delete the row #4. The the SQL query would look like this:

update [Sheet1$] set [A]=null,[B]=null,[C]=null where [A]='3'

Then, in order to retrieve all not null rows we would execute the following SQL Query:

Select * from [Sheet1$] where [A] is not null OR [B] is not null OR [C] is not null

The result will be a data table variable with all the data of Excel except for the desired row.