The below procedure refers to a clean Azure installation, in case you setup your Azure server for the first time.

Follow the instructions on to create a server and database for ProcessRobot on Azure (up to and including step 10).

Create the connection string

The connection string that should be provided during a ProcessRobot installation looks like the following:

Password=Password123; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=azureuser; Initial Catalog=mySampleDatabase; Data

Data Source: Field #1 +

User ID: Field #2

Password: Field #3

Initial Catalog: Field #4

Change the DB owner

Should you want to change the database owner, follow the steps below:

Login locally to SSMS using the credentials provided during the creation of the database.

Create a new user and change the ownership of the database within SSMS:

  1. Right click on the server and select “New Query”
  2. Execute the following query:     CREATE LOGIN ProcessRobotUser WITH PASSWORD = ‘Password1234!’;
  3. Navigate to “Databases>Security”, right click on “Users” and select “New User”
  4. Modify and then execute the auto-generated query:

Performing the above actions, a new user will be created and the ownership of the database will change to that user. We can adjust the connection string with the credentials of the above user, instead of the credentials of the Server Admin.