In order to contact the Support & Professional Services department, you will have to create a Support Ticket. This can be easily done through the Softomotive Support Portal.

Pressing this button will load a simple submission form; please try to provide as much clear and relevant information as possible, to facilitate the resolution process.

After a Ticket has been submitted, you will be able to track its status, as well as interact with the Support team, through the Portal:

Pressing either of the above marked buttons will forward you to the Tickets View page, where you can view all the tickets you have submitted:

Clicking on a Ticket, you will be able to see its content, properties, and your correspondence with the Support team:

After the issue you have reported has been resolved, the Ticket will be closed - you may also choose to close the Ticket yourself at any time.

In both cases, a feedback box will appear over the Ticket Details:

It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare a moment of your time to let us know if your experience with our Support staff was satisfactory, or if there is room for improvement!