Let's assume that we wish to click on all the Download links of the below web page, one after the other. We could use a loop, in order to achieve the desired results.

Step 1 - Count the list items

First we will need to use the "Extract Data from Web Page" action and select two consecutive data rows of the "Download" link for extraction. The selection will expand automatically to cover the whole download column. In this step we could choose any attribute we want (such as Own Text, Href etc), as we will be only using the number of the download links present (%DataFromWebPage.Count%).

Step 2 - Loop through the list items

Afterwards, we can go ahead and place a simple Loop in our job, just after the data extraction. The loop should start from 0 and end at %DataFromWebPage.Count-1%. Inside the loop we will have to place a single "Click Link on Web Page" Action and add the control of the first download link.

Step 3 - Modify the CSS selector

Finally, we will have to modify the selector so that it clicks on a different download link in each iteration of our loop. In order to do that, we have to locate the control in the Controls Repository, double click on it, click on "Edit" and switch from the "Visual Selector Builder" to "Custom".

Our selector should look something like the following:

html > body (... various tags, depend on the specific page ...) > tr:eq(0) ... > td ... > a

All we need to do, is change the tr:eq(0) part to tr:eq(%LoopIndex%) and the script should do what we want.