We can call any Process through a VBA macro with the help of the VBA Shell function and the WinAutomation Controller.

The code we have to enter in the VBA macro is the following

Dim RetVal     As Variant
Dim WA_ProcessName As String
Dim Start_WA_Process As String

WA_ProcessName = "<Your_Process_Path>"
Start_WA_Process = Chr(34) & "C:\Program Files\WinAutomation\WinAutomationController.exe" & Chr(34) & " /start " & Chr(34) & WA_ProcessName & Chr(34)
RetVal = Shell(Start_WA_Process, 1)

You can try this with the attached files.

Download the "Hello.waj" and import it in the "My Processes" folder in the WinAutomation Console. Afterwards download the .xlsm file, open it and click the "Run WA Process" button.

In this example the variable WA_ProcessName would get the value

WA_ProcessName = "/My Processes/Hello"