Follow the instructions in the following link in order to Install Redis on a Linux machine:

Note that even though ProcessRobot supports only Windows as host OS, we recommend using a Linux machine for the Redis installation.

Additionally, in order for the Redis Server to accept connections from the machines where the ProcessRobot Servers are installed, we need to allow the incoming connections from those machines.

The simplest way of achieving that is by disabling the “Protected-mode” in the configuration file of Redis (by default located at /etc/redis/6379.conf):

Modify “protected-mode yes” to “protected-mode no”

We should also allow through the firewall the incoming connections through the TCP port we specified during the installation of Redis (by default port 6379).

During the installation of the ProcessRobot Servers, we select the “Use Redis” option as shown below:

and we provide the IP address of the machine where Redis is installed. The rest of the installation remains the same.

Redis version requirements:


  • Version 4.0+


  • Version 5.0+

Important Note

The above procedure should be used for a basic installation of Redis, for testing purposes only. It is not recommended as a solution for a production environment as the connection is not secured in any way. Additionally, since we do not use Redis in Sentinel mode, our installation will suffer in case the Redis machine is unavailable (single point of failure). For a more advanced and secure installation of Redis, you should consult your IT department.