The above message may appear when you try to open a ProcessRobot component. It indicates that the user that is currently logged in the machine is not a registered user of ProcessRobot.

In general, ProcessRobot users can only be users that belong to the same Active Directory that the machines you have installed ProcessRobot Components belong to. (Active Directory is an Installation Requirement)

When the initial ProcessRobot installation has been completed (on a new Database), the first user of the Active Directory that will open the Control Desk will be automatically registered as an Administrator user of ProcessRobot.

From this point on, any other user that will try to open any ProcessRobot Component will encounter the above error message, as unregistered user.

In order to register an Active Directory user into ProcessRobot, it is required that an existing ProcessRobot Administrator user proceeds with the following steps:

  1. Open a Control Desk
  2. Navigate to Settings > Users
  3. Click 'New User' and add through the Active Directory another user
  4. Finally assign to this new user an existing ProcessRobot role. (ProcessRobot roles are related to the permissions that a user can have.)

In order to preview the registered users (other than going to Control Desk > Settings > Users) in case you don't remember which user opened the Control Desk first, you can do so through the SQL database of ProcessRobot:

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio in the SQL Server machine
  2. Connect to the SQL Sever that you have installed the SQL database using a user that has access to the ProcessRobot database (you can use the database owner through SQL authentication as used in the connection string)
  3. Navigate to Database > <Your_ProcessRobotDB> > Tables
  4. Find the dbo.users table, right click on it and click on 'Select top 1000 Rows' 

The table of ProcessRobot registered users will open. In the first row you can find the information of the first registered user that got promoted automatically to Administrator.

Now that you know which user is an Administrator user of ProcessRobot you can:

  1. Connect to any machine that has Control Desk installed, using the Administrator user of ProcessRobot
  2. Follow the above steps on how to add a new user
  3. Make sure that the new user has an appropriate role with the needed permissions to operate the intended ProcessRobot components
  4. The user is now set and ready to use ProcessRobot as planned