WinAutomation may execute a Process in a Non-Interactive Mode, only if it does not contain any interactive Actions. Check the list of Interactive/Non-Interactive Actions.

Interactive Actions require an active screen. Depending on the mode (attended/unattended) that you want to run the Process, note the following:

Attended mode

The machine should be unlocked and the user logged in.

Unattended mode

If you want to run your Processes unattended, then you can assign a schedule or trigger to your Process and logout of the machine. For interactive Processes, configure the "Run Policy" tab of the Process as shown below:

If privacy is a concern while executing interactive processes, this can be overcome by applying the Secure Screen option which can be enabled in the General tab. The secure screen blocks anybody from viewing what is happening on the screen. Additionally, actions to disable keyboard and mouse inputs can be incorporated ("Block Input" Action).  It's also possible to add the "Lock Workstation" Action at the end of the process, to ensure the screen is locked upon successful completion or even through exception handling in the event an action fails during execution.