Upon opening a WinAutomation or ProcessRobot component, an unhandled exception message appears:


One of the user.config files that are stored in the deleted folder has been corrupted. By deleting the folder and restarting the component, a new user.config file is being created.


Step 1 - Close the defective component. It could be either one of the below: 

  • WinAutomation Console
  • WinAutomation UserAgent
  • ProcessRobot Control Desk
  • ProcessRobot Process Studio
  • ProcessRobot UserAgent

Step 2 - Go to "C:\Users\Your_UserName\AppData\Local\Softomotive". Note that the "AppData" folder is by default hidden.

Step 3 - Delete the component's "SoftomotiveComponent_StrongName" folder. 

Step 4 - Restart the component.