A "Master Key is invalid" issue prevents the ProcessRobot Server service from starting successfully.

In order to resolve, follow the steps below:

  1. Delete the "dbo.master_key" table's content from your PR database (it contains only 1 row). As shown in "Step 1.png". Important note: This step is performed at your own risk. A wrong SQL query could harm your PR database. Please consult your IT.
  2. Delete the "GlobalSettings.dat" file, which is located at "C:\ProgramData\Softomotive\ProcessRobot" on the machine where the ProcessRobot Server is installed. As shown in "Step 2.png".
  3. Run the "ProcessRobotMasterKeyWizard.exe" which is located at "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Server". As shown in "Step 3.png".
  4. Start the "ProcessRobot Server" service, via "services.msc". As shown in "Step 4.png".

Importantly, as the master key contributes to the encryption of the passwords in control desk, the user would need to re-provide the Solobots' passwords (autologin tab), Credential Manager etc