Encryption Protocols

What Encryption Protocols are being used?

  • For the encryption of Global passwords (WA Console > Options > Settings > Authentication and WA Console > Options > Settings > Error Handling > Email/SMTP), WinAutomation uses DPAPI where a hardcoded password is used along with the machine’s system password. The above two passwords are saved on the already encrypted “Settings.dat” file. 
  • All the WinAutomation .dat files, are SQLlite databases. SQLlite, is an embedded database which does not require a server tool for communication.
  • All the actions that contain a password, are encrypted with AES-192 bits encryption and the decryption occurs by the action itself during the execution. The encrypted passwords are in the XML script for execution through the Designer, or in the .dll file for runtime execution.

Process Protection and Secure Editing

How can we Password-Protect a Process?

Go to Process Properties > General > Encrypted & Password-Protected and set a password to your Process. Once set, there is no way to open and edit such a protected process without the password.

If a password-protected process is moved to another database the password is required both for modifications and for the first execution. WinAutomation uses the hash of the password to encrypt the process.

Secure Screen (Stealth Mode)

How can we execute a Process in Secure Mode?

During the execution of a Process, the whole screen turns blue and the user has no visibility into the task executed. Process Properties > General > Use Secure Screen.

Encrypted Persistent Variables for Compiled Processes

How can we encrypt the Persistent Variables of a Compiled Process?

When a Process that contains Persistent Variables is being converted to an Exe (Compiled Process), then a config file is being created that stores the information of the Persistent Variables. 

In case you select the “Encrypt Persistent Variables” checkbox in the “Misc Options” tab of the “Compile Process” dialog, all the values of the persistent variables will be encrypted in the .config file.