Dynamic web or UI elements consist of dynamic attributes. The attributes' values may change every time that you reload the web page or restart the application.

In order to handle them, we need to customize the corresponding CSS/UI Selectors within the Controls Repository.

Note the below on how to handle non-static element attributes:

  • A selector can be customized via the Operation and Value fields in the Visual Selector Builder.
    For instance, if an id's value is "The whole id123", then the following Operations can be used: 
    • Operation: Contains Value: whole
    • Operation: Starts with Value: The
    • Operation: Ends With Value: 123
    • Operation: Regex Match Value: id\d+
  • Any element's attribute can be used in a selector, even if it is not initially included in the Visual Selector Builder.
  • An element's CSS selector can take into account the actual text that is visible on the web page, via the :contains("The text the user sees on their screen") method.